Membership Categories:

Active -- Physicians residing in the state of Arkansas who practice orthopaedic surgery exclusively. Active members alone are eligible for elective office.

Associate -- Physicians who practice orthopaedic surgery exclusively in Arkansas and have completed residency training within the last two years and are eligible for ABOS Board Certification.

Affiliate -- Physicians in the state of Arkansas whose practice reflects a major interest in orthopaedic surgery but who are not eligible for ABOS Board Certification.

Military -- Full-time military physicians who practice orthopaedic surgery in the state of Arkansas, or graduated from UAMS or trained in the orthopaedic program at UAMS. Members of this group shall be exempt from dues.

Alumni -- Physicians who practice orthopaedics outside the state of Arkansas, but who either trained at or graduated from UAMS, or are former members of the faculty at UAMS.

  • Active -- $250
  • Associate -- $125
  • Affiliate -- $250
  • Military -- $0
  • Alumni -- $250

For membership information, contact:

You can become a member by filling out an application and returning it along with membership dues to:

Arkansas Orthopaedic Society
P.O. Box 251193
Little Rock, AR 72225

Send applications to:

Linda Jones
P.O. Box 251193
Little Rock, AR 72225
Phone: (501)686-7812
Fax: (501)686-7908


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