BOC update Fall 2017 - State Societies Committee

State Societies Committee

1. The purpose of the of the State Orthopaedic Societies Committee (SOS) of the BOC is to pursue strategies to strengthen and foster development of the individual state orthopaedic societies to allow them to effectively address their own state health policy issues. Many of the critical problems facing orthopaedic surgeons (scope of practice, workers' compensation, ambulatory surgery center regulations, out of network issues, etc) arise from the state legislatures. Having a strong state society is paramount for responding to these potential threats to orthopaedic practices.

2. The SOS has grants available from the AAOS to give to state societies to achieve these goals. These grants are awarded after careful consideration of the SOS to a request from the state society. Grants for requests that will be self-sustaining are favored. Grants were given to 6 states at the Fall Meeting of the BOC in Dallas on October 19-21.

a. Hawaii Orthopaedic Association: Received a $1000 grant as an "orthopaedic resident advocacy grant" to help defer the costs of funding resident paper awards and the costs of meeting attendance at the annual state meeting to for the 25 orthopaedic residents in Hawaii.

b. Michigan Orthopaedic Society: Received a $1500 grant to support a course entitled "The Business of Orthopaedics for Orthopaedic Residents" at the annual meeting

c. Nevada Orthopaedic Society: Received a $4720 grant to help support the fledgling UNLV residency program which is only in its second year. The money will be used to help fund resident attendance at the annual meeting and also help fund speakers for Grand Rounds for the residents.

d. Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society: received a $2000 grant to help create a member mobile app to improve communication and improve member engagement.

e. Texas Orthopaedic Society: received 3 grants. They received $2000 to help fund resident paper awards and resident attendance at the annual meeting. They received $3500 to help produce a social media animated video that will be part of their social outreach program to educate lawmakers, the general public, and health care industry. This particular video will explain the training needed to become an orthopaedic surgeon. They also received $1000 to help fund a membership drive

f. Virginia Orthopaedic Society: received $1000 to help fund receptions at each of Virginia's orthopaedic residency programs to engage orthopaedic residents in order to help them understand why it important to participate in the AAOS and state orthopaedic societies.

3. A database has been developed that lists previous State Society grants to facilitate future grant requests. Future plans are to formalize strategies to help state societies increase membership and subsequently, participation by those members.

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